Terry P. Vendlinski

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Valid formative assessment is an essential element in improving both student learning and the professional development of educators. Various shortcomings in common assessment modalities, however, hinder our ability to make and evaluate such formative decisions. The diffusion of computer technology into American classrooms offers new opportunities to(More)
This paper describes a technique for developing and analyzing detailed models of complex student problem solving, and methods to measure the reliability and validity of these models. Specifically, we use the Interactive Multi-media Exercises (IMMEX) system to record the specific steps students use to solve open-ended problems. While IMMEX has been used in(More)
Engineering Duty Officers (EDOs) in the U.S. Navy manage large development and procurement processes. Their initial training is provided in a six week EDO Basic Course at Port Hueneme, California. The students, who have higher degrees in one or more engineering disciplines, must learn to make complex decisions that incorporate the uncertainty of future(More)
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