Terry P. Borer

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This paper presents an automated partitioning strategy to divide a design into a set of partitions based on design hierarchy information. While the primary objective is to use these partitions in an incremental design flow for compile time reduction, the performance of the partitioned design should not be degraded after partitioning. Experimental results(More)
This work explores the effect of adding a new partitioning step into the traditional complex programmable logic device (CPLD) CAD flow. A novel algorithm based on Rent’s rule and simulated annealing partitions a design before it enters the place and route stage in CPLD CAD. The resulting partitions are then placed using an enhanced placement tool.(More)
Circuits implemented in FPGAs have delays that are dominated by its programmable interconnect. This interconnect provides the ability to implement arbitrary connections. However, it contains both highly capacitive and resistive elements. The delay encountered by any connection depends strongly on the number of interconnect elements used to route the(More)
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