Terry Mast

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Starting from the successful Keck telescope design, we construct and analyze the control matrix for the active control system of the primary mirror of a generalized segmented-mirror telescope, with up to 1000 segments and including an alternative sensor geometry to the one used at Keck. In particular we examine the noise propagation of the matrix and its(More)
To achieve its full diffraction limit in the infrared, the primary mirror of the Keck telescope (now telescopes) must be properly phased: The steps or piston errors between the individual mirror segments must be reduced to less than 100 nm. We accomplish this with a wave optics variation of the Shack-Hartmann test, in which the signal is not the centroid(More)
The Thirty Meter Telescope project will design and build a thirty-meter diameter telescope for research in astronomy at optical and infrared wavelengths. The highly segmented primary mirror will use edge sensors to align and stabilize the relative piston, tip, and tilt degrees of freedom of the segments. We describe an edge sensor conceptual design and(More)
The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is a collaborative project between the California Institute of Technology and the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA). The Alignment and Phasing System (APS) for the Thirty Meter Telescope will be a Shack-Hartmann type camera that will provide a variety of measurements for telescope(More)
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