Terry Martin

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The behavioral effects of cannabinoids are dependent upon numerous variables which include species differences, dose, experimental conditions, etc. The complexity of the cannabinoid behavioral syndrome certainly complicates attempts to establish biochemical correlates. It is for this reason that attempts are being made to develop analogs that exhibit(More)
The nature of mecamylamine's and pempidine's antagonism of nicotine in the central nervous system has not been defined clearly. Although these compounds are thought to be noncompetitive antagonists in the brain due to the fact that they do not compete effectively for agonist binding to brain tissue in vitro, pharmacological evidence is lacking. The(More)
Stable resistance to infection with Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) can be evolved de novo in selfing bread wheat lines subjected to cycles of WSMV inoculation and selection of best-performing plants or tillers. To learn whether this phenomenon might be applied to evolve resistance de novo to pathogens unrelated to WSMV, we examined the responses to leaf(More)
Carbon isotope discrimination (CID) has been suggested as an indirect selection criterion for grain yield under drought stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). However, the association between CID and grain yield varies greatly among different studies. In this study, conducted in western Kansas, a temperate semi-arid region, the genetic variation of grain(More)
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