Terry M Wood

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The failure of the literature to report consistent attitude-behaviour relationships or show evidence of stability in children's attitudes toward physical activity (CATPA) led to an examination of the construct physical activity as an attitude object. Five hundred and fifty young male and female athletes were surveyed to obtain the following information;(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to identify a deep-water running (DWR) style that most closely approximates terrestrial running, particularly relative to the lower extremities. Twenty intercollegiate distance runners (women, N = 12; men, N = 8) were videotaped from the right sagittal view while running on a treadmill (TR) and in deep water at 55-60%(More)
Ethambutol optic neuropathy is a well-recognised adverse ocular event in patients who receive ethambutol for the treatment of mycobacterial infections. Much has been published on this condition; however, understanding of patient outcomes and the mechanism by which ethambutol optic neuropathy occurs, as well as data published in textbooks and reference(More)
General practitioners are often confronted with patients who have sustained fractures. A clear understanding of the principles governing fracture management is essential particularly for those GPs who do not have easy access to orthopaedic surgeons. Inappropriately treated fractures can lead to chronic pain and deformity as well as the obvious medico-legal(More)
This research forum addresses the question: what is the nature of the mathematical knowledge that is needed for secondary teaching? Six international contributors respond by making two claims (one related to an area where progress in research has been made and the other related to dilemmas facing researchers): preparing teachers, teaching practice, and(More)
This study examined the efficacy of a neuropsychological screening measure in discriminating between neurologically impaired and nonimpaired subjects. It also examined the ability of this screening measure correctly to classify impaired subjects according to right and left hemisphere involvement. The results showed that some 96% of subjects could be(More)
A study conducted by Deloitte & Touche examined the use of minimally invasive surgery (MIS)--specifically laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair and thoracoscopic wedge resection--at nine U.S. hospitals. From a total hospital cost perspective, two procedures studied reduce hospital(More)
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