Terry Layton

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A free fall, the unimpeded drop of a body from a known point to a known impaction point, is common in modern society. Death usually results when distance is more than six stories. The following case report describes the circumstances which allowed a young man attempting suicide to survive a 17-storey free fall. Although his impact velocity was estimated to(More)
Blunt trauma to the chest may produce a spectrum of cardiac lesions extending from asymptomatic myocardial contusion to rapidly fatal cardiac rupture. A case is discussed in which a patient with signs of cardiac tamponade after blunt trauma was found to have a rupture of the atrium. During repair of the cardiac injury, an unusual tear of the right superior(More)
Blunt chest trauma may produce a variety of cardiac lesions, which may occur alone or in combination. A case with a ventricular septal defect, left ventricular aneurysm, and coronary arteriovenous fistula with an associated rupture of the thoracic aorta following blunt trauma is presented in order to demonstrate that multiple, life-threatening cardaic(More)
The immediate application of cool water to a burn provides prompt relief of pain; however, we must become aware of the complications associated with the use of ice and ice water in this regard. Two cases of extremity ischemia secondary to burn wound therapy are reported with a discussion of patient care. The most important aspect of this injury is(More)
Burns received as a result of motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) create special problems in their care, as they are frequently severe and are often associated with other injuries. One hundred seventy-eight consecutive patients with burns sustained in an MVA were studied. The mean TBSA burn was 33.9%. The mortality was 24.7%, but the mean burn size in this(More)
Traumatic forequarter amputation is a rare and devastating injury in which the arm, scapula, clavicle, and pectoral muscles are avulsed from the body by a tremendous force. The case of a man who survived this injury is presented. Replantation at this level has not been successful: treatment recommended consists of control of hemorrhage, wound debridement,(More)
Injection of petroleum distillates is rare. We recently cared for a man with a long history of drug abuse who attempted intravenous injection with gasoline into a right forearm vein in order to "get high." We believe he accomplished an intramuscular and subcutaneous injection of gasoline which resulted in a severe impairment of the right hand and forearm(More)
BACKGROUND Lieutenant General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, one of the most famous and successful Confederate generals of the American Civil War, was shot at the battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia on May 2, 1863, after leading his army in a surprise attack that destroyed the entire right flank of the Union army. STUDY DESIGN A thorough review was(More)