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Four studies conducted at feedlots in Greeley and Wellington, Colorado; Nebraska; and Texas compared the efficacy of tulathromycin to florfenicol or tilmicosin for the treatment of cattle with(More)
Three studies conducted at feedlots in Colorado, Idaho, and Texas examined the comparative efficacy of tulathromycin injectable solution for the treatment of cattle at high risk of developing(More)
The efficacy of tulathromycin in decreasing the incidence of morbidity and mortality due to bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in 1,239 high-risk cattle was investigated at four US feedlots. Calves not(More)
Efficacy and field safety of tulathromycin administered as a single-dose treatment to crossbreed beef calves with undifferentiated bovine respiratory disease (BRD) were evaluated in a multicenter(More)