Terry J. Watt

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Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge Jane Morgan and Patsy Buida at the Children's Bureau for their charge to develop this Framework, and their vision that this publication could assist child welfare agencies in preparing for and coping with disasters. Patsy Buida provided thoughtful comments and guidance throughout the process of developing the(More)
Lysine deacetylases (KDACs) are enzymes that reverse the post-translational modification of lysine acetylation. Recently, a series of N-acetylthioureas were synthesized and reported to enhance the activity of KDAC8 with a fluorogenic substrate. To determine if the activation was general, we synthesized three of the most potent N-acetylthioureas and measured(More)
AbouT CLEE the Center for Law, energy & the environment (CLee) channels the expertise of the Berkeley Law community into pragmatic policy solutions to environmental and energy challenges in California and across the nation. the Center works with government, business, and communities on initiatives that focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advancing(More)
T4 lysozyme (T4L) is an important model system for investigating the relationship between protein structure and function. Despite being extensively studied, a reliable, quantitative activity assay for T4L has not been developed. Here, we present an improved T4L turbidity assay as well as an affinity-based T4L expression and purification protocol. This assay(More)
The growth of human populations and their resource needs have stressed the conservation of natural land resources. Many policies and programs have been implemented to address the pressures on land resources and notwithstanding this pressure, significant acquisition of land for conservation has occurred throughout history in the U.S., and internationally.(More)
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