Terry J Lindquist

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Microleakage is a concern for the long-term prognosis of a cemented crown and foundation. PURPOSE The aims of this investigation were, first, to evaluate microleakage of zinc phosphate cement and resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement under ideal (dry) versus contaminated (wet) conditions, and second, to compare 3 foundations under(More)
With simulation clinics, dental schools have improved their preclinical laboratories to provide a more realistic clinical teaching environment. However, there is very little data to support the assumption that these facilities actually improve student performance of technical skills. This study compared the scores of two fixed preparations for full cast(More)
PURPOSE Computer programs have been developed for removable partial denture (RPD) design, but their educational impact has never been investigated. This study measured the effectiveness of computer-based RPD design simulations in a traditional RPD design course for second-year dental students. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-six students were randomly(More)
There is growing agreement that episodes of care methodology provides the most effective means of analyzing health care delivery because it organizes health care services around the condition or illness for which they were prescribed. This paper presents a computerized approach for developing episodes of care from encounter and claims data and discusses(More)
PURPOSE This study compared the linear dimensional changes of 3 injection-molded denture base materials to that of conventionally processed polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) resin. MATERIALS AND METHODS An impression of an aluminum maxillary edentulous arch was made with a condensation silicone impression material (Denture Elasticon) to fabricate a gypsum(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment planning for and managing the care of elderly patients can be complicated for a number of reasons. To understand the patient's needs, one must understand the environment in which the patient functions. CASE DESCRIPTION The authors present a case that illustrates some of the social, economic, financial and transportation issues that(More)
PURPOSE The interactive effects of synthetic polyaramid reinforcement fibers on the transverse strength of intact and repaired heat-polymerized denture base acrylic resins were investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) polymers were tested: Acron MC (GC International Corp, Scottsdale, AZ), Lucitone 199 (Dentsply International(More)
This study compared in vivo wear of a new artificial tooth material with that of existing artificial tooth materials. Artificial tooth wear was determined by measuring height changes of selected points on contacting tooth surfaces in patients with complete dentures during a 12-month period. These results are part of an ongoing 3-year clinical study. A total(More)
PURPOSE Marginal integrity is a very important element in evaluating a restoration; however, there is no agreement in definition of a clinically acceptable margin. The purpose of this investigation was to examine margin acceptability using an explorer versus the actual marginal gap widths at four locations on uncemented crowns on three extracted teeth using(More)
PURPOSE Materials used to fabricate the most dimensionally accurate implant casts have not been identified experimentally. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the dimensional accuracy of implant casts fabricated with different materials. Measurements of linear horizontal dimensional change and strain produced on a master framework were(More)