Terry J. Keating

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A. M. Fiore, F. J. Dentener, O. Wild, C. Cuvelier, M. G. Schultz, P. Hess, C. Textor, M. Schulz, R. M. Doherty, L. W. Horowitz, I. A. MacKenzie, M. G. Sanderson, D. T. Shindell, D. S. Stevenson, S. Szopa, R. Van Dingenen, G. Zeng, C. Atherton, D. Bergmann, I. Bey, G. Carmichael, W. J. Collins, B. N. Duncan, G. Faluvegi, G. Folberth,M.Gauss, S. Gong, D.(More)
[1] The impact of climate change between 2000 and 2095 SRES A2 climates on surface ozone (O)3 and on O3 source-receptor (S-R) relationships is quantified using three coupled climate-chemistry models (CCMs). The CCMs exhibit considerable variability in the spatial extent and location of surface O3 increases that occur within parts of high NOx emission source(More)
We have measured levels of intracellular free calcium ([Ca2+]i) in albino Xenopus laevis embryos using recombinant aequorin and a photon-counting system. We observed sinusoidal oscillations in [Ca2+]i that had the same frequency as cleavage, with cleavage occurring when [Ca2+]i was lowest. An increase in calcium was seen to precede first cleavage. The(More)
[1] Fifteen chemistry-transport models are used to quantify, for the first time, the export of oxidised nitrogen (NOy) to and from four regions (Europe, North America, South Asia, and East Asia), and to estimate the uncertainty in the results. Between 12 and 24% of the NOx emitted is exported from each region annually. The strongest impact of each source(More)
This study describes a simple parameterization to estimate regionally averaged changes in surface ozone due to past or future changes in anthropogenic precursor emissions based on results from 14 global chemistry transport models. The method successfully reproduces the results of full simulations with these models. For a given emission scenario it provides(More)
The nature and role of assessments in creating policy for transboundary environmental problems is discussed. Transboundary environmental problems are particularly difficult to deal with because they typically require cooperation among independent political jurisdictions (e.g., states or nations) which face differing costs and benefits and which often have(More)
60 61 A thorough understanding of the surface O 3 response over a " receptor " region to 62 emission changes over a foreign " source " region is needed to evaluate the potential gains 63 from an international approach to abate ozone (O 3) pollution. We apply an ensemble of 64 21 global and hemispheric chemical transport models to estimate the average(More)
The antibody kt10, which is directed against the phospholipid PtdIns(4,5)P2, inhibits protein synthesis when added to cytosolic extracts prepared from frog eggs. Addition of stable analogues of diacylglycerol and Ins(1,4,5)P3 failed to rescue the inhibition of translation, suggesting that the effect of the antibody was not to block hydrolysis of(More)
Photomultiplier tubes remain among the most sensitive methods for detecting light. Their cost is one to two orders of magnitude less than that of other comparably sensitive detectors. Advances in the associated electronics have lowered the cost and reduced the size of the instruments. If an investigator is willing to go to the primary suppliers and has(More)