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Coral reefs are degrading on a global scale, and rates of reef-organism calcification are predicted to decline due to ocean warming and acidification. Systematic measurements of calcification over space and time are necessary to detect change resulting from environmental stressors. We established a network of calcification monitoring stations at four(More)
Acknowledgments This evaluation was supported by a grant from the University of Maryland School of Law, as part of their grant from the Crane Family Foundation. The author would like to thank all of the Baltimore Community Justice Initiative stakeholders for helping to make this evaluation possible. Terri Ricks and Brenda Bratton Blom and other key planning(More)
Gerontological manpower development is the goal of an ongoing project where various training modules are designed, tested, and evaluated within the institutional or community context where the service is delivered. This paper reports initial data on program effectiveness and attitudinal and work assessment changes resulting from staff training in(More)
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