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This paper describes techniques for maximizing the efficient use of small screen space by combining delayed response with semi-transparency of control objects ("widgets") and on-screen text. Most research on the limitations of small display screens has focused on methods for optimizing concurrent display of text and widgets at the same level of transparency(More)
Maternal malignancy metastatic to the fetus is a rare event, with most neoplasms being either melanocytic or hematopoietic in origin. This report is the first known case of a maternal lung adenocarcinoma metastatic to a fetus. At 2 months of age, this male infant developed multiple scalp masses that were locally resected but rapidly recurred. The histology(More)
Birth injury has been defined as any condition that adversely affects the fetus during labor or delivery. This article discusses neonatal injury that results in a condition that requires neurosurgical management. The majority of these conditions result from a primary mechanical injury to the central or peripheral nervous system.
To Pete ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I have many people to thank for this thesis: my friends, family, and teachers. I would also like to thank the University of Florida for encouraging the study of popular media, with a high level of critical theory and competence. This thesis also would not have been possible without the diligent help and guidance from my committee(More)
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