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A Fundamental Approach to Investing in US Stocks
The majority of research on active and passive investment approaches suggests individual investors should choose a passive index investment vehicle over an active management investment vehicle. ThisExpand
A Secular Approach to Investing for Retirement
We know stock investing offers defined contribution retirement plan participants a viable vehicle to both grow and sustain retirement assets. This paper explores a secular approach to investing usingExpand
An Efficient Defined Contribution Investing Approach
A plan sponsor fiduciary is required to provide participants an investment menu that is "diversified." The DOL states the fiduciary “must act prudently and must diversify the plan's investments toExpand
A Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach to Investing
The strategic asset allocation approach utilized by the majority of investment institutions to provide investment advice and guidance is based on unrealistic stock return assumptions making theExpand
A Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach for Selecting a 401K QDIA
The selection of the asset allocation and target date mutual funds that are used as qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) options for 401k participants are driven today by strategic assetExpand
A Secular Cape Wave Prospective
Based on expected US equity secular forecasts according to the Elliott wave, the secular bear which started in 2000 puts a bottom about 80% below 2000 highs. This paper translates and illustrates anExpand