Terry Dishongh

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Poor medication adherence is one of the major causes of illness and of treatment failure in the United States. The objective of this study was to conduct an initial evaluation of a context-aware reminder system, which generated reminders at an opportune time to take the medication. Ten participants aged 65 or older, living alone and managing their own(More)
Knowledge of a subject's location and motion throughout an environment is of significant use to in-home health monitoring and activity recognition systems. This work develops a method of tracking a subject's location using the radio frequency (RF) signals emanating from wearable wireless sensors. It differs from other RF location tracking work in that it(More)
Temperature cycling tests are standard industry practice for determining the thermomechanical fatigue life of solder joints. Industry-standard temperature pro¢les usually start from room temperature, then go to a high temperature, then to a cold temperature, and then back to room temperature. In addition, most of the time, the temperature pro¢le contains(More)
This paper reports on the research and data/infrastructure challenges faced in moving pervasive computing technology to large numbers of home deployments from both a controlled clinical and laboratory setting. The purpose of these home deployments is twofold; to provide a number of services to a cohort of elders and to collect a rich array of physiological,(More)
This paper reports on experimental trials with an Under Mattress Bed Sensor (UMBS), an easily deployable, non-contact, low cost alternative to the actigraphy watch for sleep monitoring. Results from a home-based study of elderly subjects confirm accurate temporal resolution of activity monitoring in bed. UMBS activity classification thresholds were(More)
With the obvious eldercare capabilities of smart environments it is a question of "when", rather than "if", these technologies will be routinely integrated into the design of future houses. In the meantime, health monitoring applications must be integrated into already complete home environments. However, there is significant effort involved in installing(More)
In this paper the influence of the temperature cycle time history profile on the fatigue life of ball grid array (BGA) solder joints is studied. Temperature time history in a Pentium processor laptop computer was measured for a three-month period by means of thermocouples placed inside the computer. In addition, pentium BGA packages were subjected to(More)
Using five different commercially available class one and class two Bluetooth dongles a total of seven homes which represented a cross section of typical Irish homes were surveyed to determine the effect of construction methods, house size, sensor placement, host placement, antenna design and RF interference had on the link quality of Bluetooth enabled(More)
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