Terry Coates

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Choroid plexus papillomas are rare, constituting approximately 0.5% of all intracranial neoplasms. Four benign choroid plexus papillomas and one choroid plexus carcinoma were retrospectively reviewed in patients aged 4-20 months who had been examined with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with a field strength of 0.5 T or 1.0 T and with computed tomography(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the use of ultrasonography in patients with acute abdominal trauma. Five hundred prospective patients, who came to the Emergency Department with acute trauma, were evaluated with ultrasonography and included in this study. The ultrasonographic examination focused on detection of free fluid but included evaluation of(More)
Whenever population viability analysis (PVA) models are built to help guide decisions about the management of rare and threatened species, an important component of model building is the specification of a habitat model describing how a species is related to landscape or bioclimatic variables. Model-selection uncertainty may arise because there is often a(More)
human beings are unhappy and may become ill when working in extremes of temperature, humidity, sound, light, etc. In other words, the physical factors of our environment must be within a given range for the individual to survive and within a more limited range (which may vary from one person to another and with time) for the individual to live and work in(More)
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