Terry A. Chiu

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IslandViewer (http://pathogenomics.sfu.ca/islandviewer) is a web-accessible application for the computational prediction and analysis of genomic islands (GIs) in bacterial and archaeal genomes. GIs are clusters of genes of probable horizontal origin and are of high interest because they disproportionately encode virulence factors and other adaptations of(More)
UNLABELLED Analysis of microbial genomes often requires the general organization and comparison of tens to thousands of genomes both from public repositories and unpublished sources. MicrobeDB provides a foundation for such projects by the automation of downloading published, completed bacterial and archaeal genomes from key sources, parsing annotations of(More)
A total of 804 pediatric patients (572 neonates and 232 infants and children) with suspected or documented serious infections were enrolled in a multicenter open study of netilmicin, a new semisynthetic aminoglycoside. All patients were evaluable for safety; 161 (20%) had bacteriologically documented infections and were thus evaluable for efficacy. Clinical(More)
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