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Four organotin (IV) derivatives of Hexanedioic acid: potassium dibutyltin (IV) hexanedioate (1), potassium tributyltin (IV) hexanedioate (2), potassium diphenyltin (IV) hexanedioate (3) and potassium triphenyltin (IV) hexanedioate (4) were synthesized by reacting hexanedioic acid with potassium hydroxide to give the potassium hydrogen salt followed by(More)
Propolis has a long history of use in folk medicine and possesses various biological activities. Effects of the methanol extract of Nigerian red propolis (NRP) in trypanosome-infected rats were studied. Mature albino Wistar rats (30) were randomly grouped into six (A–F). Groups A–E were infected with 1.0 × 106 Trypanosoma brucei brucei organisms(More)
An ethnobotanical survey of anti-venomous, toxic and other plants used in some parts of Tiv speaking areas of Benue State, Nigeria is reported. Eleven plants used against snake bites, three plants used as poisons and seventeen other plants used in traditional medicine were identified. Thirty-one prescriptions are recorded and the results compared to(More)
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