Terri Toennessen

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Personal and public health information are often obtained from studies of large population groups. Risk factors for nutrients, toxins, genetic variation, and more recently, nutrient-gene interactions are statistical estimates of the percentage reduction in disease in the population if the risk were to be avoided or the gene variant were not present. Because(More)
Micronutrient research typically focuses on analyzing the effects of single or a few nutrients on health by analyzing a limited number of biomarkers. The observational study described here analyzed micronutrients, plasma proteins, dietary intakes, and genotype using a systems approach. Participants attended a community-based summer day program for 6–14 year(More)
The concentrations of C3, C4, C1 inactivator, C3 proactivator and orosomucoid were determined in sera from 13 patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome. The most severely affected patients had the highest levels of C3, C4 and orosomucoid in the acute phase with a slight decline over the following 3-8 weeks. The mildly affected patients had complement(More)
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