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Intoxication of mammalian cells by Bacillus anthracis requires the coordinate activity of three distinct bacterial proteins: protective antigen (PA), edema factor (EF), and lethal factor (LF). Among these proteins, PA has become the major focus of work on monoclonal antibodies and vaccines designed to treat or prevent anthrax infection since neither EF nor(More)
To identify workplaces in New Jersey with potential for silica exposure, the New Jersey Department of Health compared four-digit Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) identified by three different data sources: the National Occupational Exposure Survey (NOES), a new Jersey silicosis case registry, and regulatory agency compliance inspections in New(More)
Pseudomembranous colitis and toxic megacolon are rare complications of antineoplastic chemotherapy. Twelve cases of pseudomembranous colitis and four cases of toxic megacolon, both occurring as complications of chemotherapy, have been reported in the medical literature. These diseases occurred as separate and distinct entities. Fulminating pseudomembranous(More)
Victoria M. Trasko (1907-1979), a relatively unknown figure to many currently practicing occupational health specialists, was a pioneer in state-based surveillance of occupational diseases in the United States. To highlight her accomplishments during her career with the United States Public Health Service from 1937 to 1971, this report briefly reviews her(More)
A study of live-chicken hangers in a poultry processing plant demonstrated a high prevalence of callosities over the knuckles (knuckle pads) of both hands. Knuckle pads were observed in 56% (23/41) of live-chicken hangers, but in no (0/41) workers from other departments (p less than 0.001). The probable cause was the repeated striking and sliding of the(More)
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