Terri M Williams

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The field-scale transport of natural organic matter (NOM) was examined in a two-well forced gradient injection experiment in a sandy, coastal plain aquifer in Georgetown, South Carolina. Spatial moments described the migration of the center of mass of NOM and conservative tracer. Temporal moments were used to estimate mass loss and retardation of the NOM(More)
Hurricanes are infrequent but influential disruptors of ecosystem processes in the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Every southeastern forested wetland has the potential to be struck by a tropical cyclone. We examined the impact of Hurricane Hugo on two paired coastal South Carolina watersheds in terms of streamflow and vegetation dynamics, both(More)
Complications with the gas chromatographic analysis of steroids prompted the use of alternative techniques for their identification. High-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry with atmospheric pressure ionization allowed the collection of data for structural identification of these compounds. The objective of this study was to investigate the(More)
Growth of high-density and aligned ZnO nanorods on ZnO film substrate has been demonstrated using vapor-transport of thermally evaporated Zn metal powders followed by condensation. Morphological studies show that the nanorods grow preferentially from a hexagonal ZnO base with a uniform hexagonal structure following three-dimensional island-like growth(More)
Androgenic steroids are used in female greyhound dogs to prevent the onset of estrus; moreover, these steroids also have potent anabolic activity. As anabolic steroids increase muscle mass and aggression in animals, the excessive use of these agents in racing greyhounds gives an unfair performance advantage to treated dogs. The biotransformation of most(More)
Forensic drug testing of anabolic steroids in racing animals is required because of the potential for steroid abuse. Often when the metabolic products of an administered compound have not been identified, the analysis and verification of the administered compound is difficult. The objective of this study was to qualitatively identify the in vitro phase I(More)
A forced-gradient tracer test was conducted at the Georgetown site to study the transport of natural organic matter (NOM) in groundwater. In particular, the goal of this experiment was to investigate the interactions between NOM and the aquifer matrix. A detailed three-dimensional characterization of the hydrologic conductivity heterogeneity of the site was(More)
Tri-axial accelerometers have been used to remotely identify the behaviors of a wide range of taxa. Assigning behaviors to accelerometer data often involves the use of captive animals or surrogate species, as their accelerometer signatures are generally assumed to be similar to those of their wild counterparts. However, this has rarely been tested.(More)
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