Terri J. Vrtiska

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Interstitial Randall's plaques and collecting duct plugs are distinct forms of renal calcification thought to provide sites for stone retention within the kidney. Here we assessed kidney stone precursor lesions in a random cohort of stone formers undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Each accessible papilla was endoscopically mapped following stone(More)
The kidney atrophies in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) but factors influencing kidney size in normal adults are less clear. To help define this, we measured kidney volumes on contrast-enhanced computed tomographic images from 1344 potential kidney donors (aged 18-75 years). Cortical volume per body surface area progressively declined in(More)
Methods are described for generating 3D time-resolved contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) angiograms of the hands and feet. Given targeted spatial resolution and frame times, it is shown that acceleration of about one order of magnitude or more is necessary. This is obtained by a combination of 2D sensitivity encoding (SENSE) and homodyne (HD)(More)
Stone formation and nephrocalcinosis are both very common features of primary hyperoxaluria, yet the extent of each disease varies markedly between patients. Here we studied whether kidney damage from nephrocalcinosis and/or stone related events contributed to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). Clinical information was analyzed from 348 patients enrolled in(More)
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