Terri Ann Zomerlei

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BACKGROUND Upper arm deformities secondary to massive weight loss or senile elastosis have led to an increased demand for aesthetic contouring procedures such as brachioplasty. METHODS The records of all patients who underwent a brachioplasty procedure from a multipractice medical center were reviewed. Outcomes measured included patient demographics,(More)
67 Background: Sexual dysfunction after breast cancer treatment has been well documented in the literature. However, the degree of dysfunction and how best to address this issue in survivors is less clear. We sought to determine the prevalence of patient perceived sexual dysfunction in breast cancer patients in our patient population. Methods of addressing(More)
Primary squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the breast comprises less than 0.1% of all breast cancers. Literature review reveals only 1 reported case of an SCC arising from the capsule of a breast implant. The authors describe, herein, a primary SCC arising from the capsule of a long-standing silicone breast implant.
CONCLUSION: In both groups, fat grafting for pedal atrophy positively impacted pain and function. These measures demonstrated a persistent improvement, though fat volume returned to baseline. This finding may be attributed to the observed increase in dermal thickness. Together, these results suggest that fat grafting may thicken or stabilize the dermis,(More)
PURPOSE: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of upper extremity discomfort. Surgical release of the median nerve can be performed under general or local anesthetic, with or without a tourniquet. Wide-awake carpal tunnel release (CTR) (local anesthesia, no sedation) is gaining popularity. Tourniquet discomfort is a reported downside. This study reviews(More)
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