Terrence S. Lomheim

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The spectral modulation transfer function (MTF) of several architecturally identical commercial linear silicon charge coupled imagers (CCIs) was measured and compared to an MTF theory that included the effects of detector aperture and lateral diffusion in one dimension. A successful match between experimental data and theory was possible for proper choices(More)
We present an analysis methodology that offers efficient characterization of the Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI) electro-optic system response to a wide range of user-specified system parameters and spectral scenarios. This methodology combines physics-based modeling of the MTI hardware with MTI prelaunch characterization data. The resulting models(More)
In this paper, we studied the imaging effects of pixel spatial-sampling and scan-velocity mismatch in two-dimensional visible image sensors. These effects were examined experimentally by projecting bar pattern sequences of varying spatial frequency on two different devices and by comparing their outputs with the results of a corresponding imaging(More)
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