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Against the Undertow: Language-Minority Education Policy and Politics in the “Age of Accountability”
This article reviews historical and contemporary policies, ideologies, and educational prescriptions for language-minority students. It notes language and literacy policies historically have beenExpand
English-Only and Standard English Ideologies in the U.S.
planning and policy from a historical-structural perspective by analyzing and synthesizing a broad base of literature. It compares and contrasts two popularly accepted ideologies. The first is theExpand
Policy in Practice: The Implementation of Structured English Immersion in Arizona
This study examines the implementation and organization of the state mandated curriculum in the 4-hour SEI block in 18 K-12 classrooms in 5 different districts. We focus on the effects of grouping byExpand
Diversity, Super-Diversity, and Monolingual Language Ideology in the United States
E new demographic shift and economic or social change bring seemingly new issues into popular and political focus—questions, debates, and policies about the role of language in education and societyExpand
Language policy and teacher preparation: The implications of a restrictive language policy on teacher preparation
Abstract Applied linguistics, with its sub-domains of language planning and policy can make significant contributions to language teaching. In order to explore this issue, the authors focus on theExpand
Separate and Not Equal: The Implementation of Structured English Immersion in Arizona's Classrooms.
Background/Context: Over the last ten years, a convergence of laws and decrees has impacted the development and implementation of Arizona’s current program for English language learners (ELLs): theExpand
Editors' Introduction: Heritage Language Instruction in the United States: A Time for Renewal
Heritage language learning has a long tradition in the United States and its antecedent colonial history. Heritage language learning may be seen as part of a larger custom, what Kloss (1998; seeExpand