Terrell Russell

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Cloudalicious is an online visualization tool that has been designed to give insight into how Òtag cloudsÓ, or folksonomies, develop over time. A folksonomy is an organic system of text labels attributed to an object by the users of that object. The most common object so far to be the subject of this tagging has been the online bookmark.(More)
Digital curators are faced with decisions about what part of the ever-growing, ever-evolving space of digital information to collect and preserve. The recent explosion of web video on sites such as YouTube presents curators with an even greater challenge - how to sort through and filter a large amount of information to find, assess and ultimately preserve(More)
In this poster, the authors describe a system, that enables individuals to create representation of their online identity. Realizing that online identity, especially personal identity as represented in search, is difficult to collect and verify, the authors propose a system that enables individuals to collect and self-classify the information that is about(More)
Online identity is the representation of one's persona in a digital context. A primary factor in this representation is the collection of links that represent an individual in search. Designed by the authors, claimID (http://claimID.com) is a web service that enables individuals to use the hyperlinks about them to create a rich presentation of their online(More)
In many collaborative systems, researchers are interested in creating representative user profiles. In this paper, we are particularly interested in using social labeling and automatic keyword extraction techniques for generating user profiles. Social labeling is a process in which users manually tag other users with keywords. Automatic keyword extraction(More)
Structured Abstract Approaches tested: The goal of this study was to investigate the effects of providing context and interactivity in a retrieval system, supporting the browsing of search result sets. Thus, three systems were developed: (1) a basic system, modeled on the current results list provided by google video searching (runs UNC-BAS-1 and(More)
There has been a recent dramatic shift from analog to digital creation, management and use of video, creating unprecedented opportunities to develop rich, interactive collections, but without proper care, much of this digital video could be inaccessible or incomprehensible in the future. Several projects have explored technical challenges and potential(More)
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