Terrance Moore

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Recent advance in network reference based real-time kinematic GPS (NRTK GPS) positioning makes it possible to track moving objects up to centimeter accuracy. This capacity will undoubtedly help implement many new applications for future ITS services, for instance, precise navigation, autonomous driving, lane based traffic or fleet management, lane based(More)
Bangaten is a new version of Banga [2,3], a smart phone application that supports word finding practice, a form of therapy for people with aphasia. Early user experience shows that Bangaten offers useful cross-platform operation, on both Android and iPhone devices, including remote management of a client's device. Bangaten demonstrates the growing(More)
Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (ARAIM) is a new Aircraft Based Augmentation System (ABAS) technique, firstly presented in the two reports of the GNSS Evolutionary Architecture Study (GEAS). The ARAIM technique offers the opportunity to enable GNSS receivers to serve as a primary means of navigation, worldwide, for precision approach down(More)
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