Tero Kontiokari

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether recurrences of urinary tract infection can be prevented with cranberry-lingonberry juice or with Lactobacillus GG drink. DESIGN Open, randomised controlled 12 month follow up trial. SETTING Health centres for university students and staff of university hospital. PARTICIPANTS 150 women with urinary tract infection caused(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether xylitol, which reduces the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae, might have clinical importance in the prevention of acute otitis media. DESIGN A double blind randomised trial with xylitol administered in chewing gum. SETTING Eleven day care nurseries in the city of Oulu. Most of the children had had problems with recurrent(More)
BACKGROUND Xylitol, a commonly used sweetener, is effective in preventing dental caries. As it inhibits the growth of pneumococci, we evaluated whether xylitol could be effective in preventing acute otitis media (AOM). DESIGN Altogether, 857 healthy children recruited from day care centers were randomized to one of five treatment groups to receive control(More)
BACKGROUND Disappearance of middle ear effusion is one of the most important outcomes in the treatment of acute otitis media (AOM). AIM To evaluate the duration of effusion in AOM treated by antimicrobials and to find factors influencing it. METHODS Parents of 90 children with AOM monitored daily the disappearance of effusion with tympanometry. The(More)
OBJECTIVE As regular administration of xylitol had been effective in preventing acute otitis media (AOM) in children, we tested whether xylitol administered only at times of acute respiratory infection (ARI) reduces the occurrence of AOM. METHODS Healthy children (N = 1277) were recruited from child care centers and randomized after screening with(More)
BACKGROUND Cranberry juice prevents recurrences of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in adult women. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether cranberry juice is effective in preventing UTI recurrences in children. METHODS A double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial was performed in 7 hospitals in Finland. A total of 263 children treated(More)
BACKGROUND The decision to seek medical advise for children during upper respiratory infections is largely based on the parental assumption that the child's symptoms are related to acute otitis media. The symptoms related to acute otitis media, however, are considered nonspecific. METHODS Altogether 857 healthy day-care children (mean age, 3.7 years) were(More)
BACKGROUND Xylitol administered regularly 5 times a day after each meal is successful in preventing acute otitis media (AOM) in children, but if given only during respiratory infections it is ineffective against AOM. To find a more convenient dosing regimen, we tested whether xylitol administered 3 times a day reduces the occurrence of AOM. METHODS In(More)
BACKGROUND Because urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria in the stool, dietary factors may affect the risk of contracting a UTI by altering the properties of the fecal bacterial flora. OBJECTIVE We studied dietary and other risk factors for UTI in fertile women in a case-control setting. DESIGN One hundred thirty-nine women from a(More)