Tero Hietanen

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The study was planned to compare, in a prospective double-blind randomized trial, the efficacy and safety of toremifene (TOR) and tamoxifen (TAM) in post-menopausal patients with advanced breast cancer who have not had prior systemic therapy for advanced disease. Four hundred and fifteen post-menopausal patients with oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive or(More)
We determined nuclear DNA content from 308 archival paraffin-embedded malignant breast tumours and evaluated the survival of the patients by univariate and multivariate statistical analyses. The overall 8-year survival rate of stage I-III breast cancer patients was 74.3% in DNA-diploid and 51.2% in DNA-aneuploid tumours (P less than 0.0001). DNA ploidy had(More)
Serum CA 15-3 values were determined in 177 patients with primary breast cancer and in 41 with non-malignant breast disease. Increased preoperative serum CA 15-3 values (greater than 38 U ml-1) were observed in 7%, 17%, 64% and 67% of patients with stage I, II, III and IV disease, respectively and in none of the patients with benign breast disease. Patients(More)
Two hundred patients with node positive stage II breast cancer were randomised to four groups after radical mastectomy and axillary evacuation: (1) Postoperative radiotherapy, (2) Adjuvant chemotherapy with eight courses of CAFt (cyclophosphamide 500 mg m-2 + doxorubicin 40 mg/m-2 + ftorafur 20 mg kg-1 orally day 1-14) every fourth week, (3) Postoperative(More)
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