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A long-distance channel measurement campaign with a maximum distance of 45 km was performed in Trondheimsfjorden, Norway. In this paper, we give a detailed description of the channel measurements including route, RX and TX antenna sites and other channel parameters. The results of received signal level (RSL) obtained by using two different signal processing(More)
Maritime communication plays an important role in marine activities, but insufficient knowledge of radio channel characteristics over sea limits the development of wideband wireless communication systems for maritime applications. Therefore a land-to-ship (L2S) radio channel measurement assignment has been performed in Trondheim, Norway. In this paper we(More)
A predistortion (PD) technique has been proposed to linearize the power amplifier (PA) and improve the PA efficiency for nonconstant envelope modulation schemes. In this paper, a new PD scheme based on block estimation suitable for burst-type communications is described. The purpose of the PD is to increase the efficiency of the PA while fulfilling the(More)
A land-to-ship (L2S) radio channel measurement mission at 2.075 GHz has been established in Trondheim, Norway, being fully described in this paper. The transmitter (TX) was installed onboard the High Speed Craft (HSC) M/S "Trondheimsfjord I" and the receiver (RX) was located at the building in the harbor. A frequency chirp with 20 MHz bandwidth is emitted(More)
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