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This study examined students' perceptions of interdisciplinary health care practice in a facilitated, community-based practicum experience. Students' perceptions of interdisciplinary practice relative to their own profession and other health disciplines were examined before and after involvement in mobile service delivery to the older adult in a(More)
This study examined students' perceptions of interprofessional practice within a framework of servant leadership principles, applied in the care of rural older adults utilizing a service learning model. Mobile wellness services were provided through the Idaho State University Senior Health Mobile project in a collaborative team approach in the(More)
China is experiencing one of the fastest growing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemics in the world. Condom use is consistently low among Chinese college students. The purpose of this study was to identify the predictors that determine the intention to use condoms among Chinese college students applying the theory of planned behavior (TPB). A(More)
PURPOSE To assess if patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) receiving periodontal debridement for treatment of chronic periodontitis with ultrasonic or hand instrumentation experienced changes in quality of life or incidents of illness following treatment or no treatment. METHODS The study design was a 3 group, randomized, controlled(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the built environment and its relationship to BMI for individuals in eastern Idaho. METHODS Geospatial analyses were coupled to demographic data of adult individuals. ArcGIS Community Analyst was used to compare demographics relative to median BMI. RESULTS For every kilometer increase in distance to prepared food sites, BMI went(More)
This article describes the implementation and evaluation of a dental hygiene faculty development course to enhance online teaching practices that foster a sense of community and satisfaction. The sampled population was drawn from the forty-seven U.S. dental hygiene programs that the American Dental Hygienists' Association identified as offering bachelor's(More)
This prospective, descriptive, correlational study examined perceived risk, severity of abuse, expectations, and needs of women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) with arrest of the offender occurring at the time of incident. This study builds on previous research completed on fear and expectations of female victims/survivors of IPV that come to(More)