Teri M. Silva

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While standard neuropsychological measures have been found to have adequate predictive value, their ecological validity may diminish predictions about real world functioning. Virtual environments (VEs) are increasingly recognized as ecologically valid tools for neuropsychological assessment. We aim to develop a VE-based neuropsychological battery delivered(More)
We propose an innovative approach to feature-preserving 3D thumbnail creation in this research. The 3D thumbnail system aims to help the user efficiently browse 3D models in a large 3D database. The user can browse multiple 3D models with pre-generated 3D thumbnails, and view them from different angles interactively. The 3D thumbnail is a simplified version(More)
In February 2009, the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) at the University of Southern California was contracted to develop a training system for Soldiers and Marines. The goal of the training system was to reduce the number of casualties caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Over the next five months, a team at the ICT drew on(More)
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