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There are a variety of accepted techniques for herniorrhaphy. With the advent of laparoscopic general surgery, new endoscopic techniques using the transabdominal and total extraperitoneal approaches have been added to the many options for the repair of inguinal hernia. The purpose of this study was to compare the early results of these approaches at a(More)
Non-invasive neuro-imaging has led to the detection of minimally symptomatic or asymptomatic chronic extradural haematomas. Our experience and review of the literature suggests that, as in the case of chronic subdural haematomas, there is development of membranes and liquifaction of the clot which may permit drainage of such collections through twist drill(More)
This work explored the association between nitrogen dioxide (NO(2)) and PM(2.5) components with changes in cardiovascular function in an adult non-smoking cohort. The cohort consisted of 65 volunteers participating in the US EPA's Detroit Exposure and Aerosol Research Study (DEARS) and a University of Michigan cardiovascular sub-study. Systolic and(More)
Two non-dialyzed patients with severe uremic bone disease were treated successfully with dihydrotachysterol (DHT). In each case, dramatic clinical improvement was noted in several weeks and this was verified by biochemical, radiologic and histologic measurements. Although DHT has been utilized previously in combination with dialysis, its documented(More)
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