Terhi Saaranen

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Promoting well-being at work in the context of sustainable development is a complex and dynamic issue. To enhance sustainable well-being at work, organizational learning (OL) is one requirement. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the characteristics of the learning program of the ergonomics ‘the Ergonetti’ that promote sustainable(More)
BACKGROUND By and large, in health professions training, the direction of the effect of e-learning, positive or negative, strongly depends on the learning outcome in question as well as on learning methods which e-learning is compared to. In nursing education, meta-analytically generated knowledge regarding the comparisons between conventional and(More)
BACKGROUND This article describes the experiences of master students of nursing science in learning interpersonal communication competence through the simulation method. The exercises reflected challenging interactive situations in the field of health care. Few studies have been published on using the simulation method in the communication education of(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVES To identify the predictors of adherence in patients with coronary heart disease after a percutaneous coronary intervention. BACKGROUND Adherence is a key factor in preventing the progression of coronary heart disease. DESIGN An analytical multi-hospital survey study. METHODS A survey of 416 post-percutaneous coronary intervention(More)
A high performance 0.20 /spl mu/m logic technology has been developed with six levels of planarized copper interconnects. 0.15 /spl mu/m transistors (L/sub gate/=0.15/spl plusmn/0.04 /spl mu/m) are optimized for 1.8 V operation to provide high performance with low power-delay products and excellent reliability. Copper has been integrated into the back-end(More)
Background: Perceived health (PH) has become an important outcome measure among coronary heart disease (CHD) patients. Poor PH has been shown to predict morbidity and mortality among CHD patients. Objective: The objective of this paper was to examine CHD patients’ PH after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional(More)
This article is part of a long term project "Promoting the Occupational Well-Being of School Staff-Action Research Project in Finland and Estonia, 2009-2014." The purpose of this article is to describe the significance of action plans in the promotion of the occupational well-being of primary and upper secondary school staff in Finland and Estonia from 2010(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate comprehensive (classes 1-9) school teachers' views of the functionality of the social support networks in promoting pupils' health and well-being in school communities. This study belongs to the European Network of Health Promoting Schools programme (ENHPS) evaluation project in Finland. In this study partnership and(More)
Using simulation as a method of teaching and learning has become more prevalent on both the national and international levels. We developed and implemented an educational simulation-learning event for second-year nurse teacher students of the University of Eastern Finland, which is carried out every year. This study aims to explore how the students(More)
Background Professional burnout predicts sick leave and even permanent withdrawal from the labour force. However, knowledge of the barriers to and facilitators of return to work (RTW) in such burnout is limited. Aims To identify factors associated with RTW of burned-out individuals to inform occupational health care (OHC) RTW policy. Methods A(More)