Terezie Fučíková

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Background and Aims. Deoxyribonuclease I (DNaseI) is an endonuclease that facilitates chromatin breakdown and promotes susceptibility to autoimmune disorders. The aim of current study was to investigate serum DNase I activity in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Patients and Methods. A cohort of 110 IBD patients was evaluated, aged 35 ± 12(More)
The prevalence of celiac disease (CD) was determined in healthy blood donors and in high-risk groups of adults (a total of 1835 adults--randomly selected 1312 healthy blood donors, 102 patients with primary osteoporosis, 58 patients with autoimmune diseases and 365 infertile women). It was calculated on the basis of a two-step serologic screening method--in(More)
Immunoscore has been shown to be a very powerful prognositc indicator in patients with clinically localized colorectal cancer, with no detectable tumour spread to lymph nodes or distant organs. These patients are usually treated with surgical removal of the tumour only. However, approximately 25% of these patients will have recurrence of their disease. No(More)
OBJECTIVES Metals have different effects on the immune functions. Through the experimental in vitro model, we studied the changes in the activation and co-stimulatory surface markers in human lymphocytes cultivated with selected metal salts. METHODS Whole human blood was cultivated with cadmium (Cd) or zinc (Zn) sulfate for 18 hours. The number of(More)
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