Tereza Pašková

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The optical signatures of Mg-related acceptors in GaN have been revisited in samples specifically grown on bulk GaN templates, to avoid strain broadening of the optical spectra. Bound-exciton spectra can be studied in these samples for Mg concentrations up to [Mg] approximately 2 x 10(19) cm(-3). Contrary to previous work it is found that instabilities in(More)
1,5-(Alkadiynyl)anthracenes self-assemble single component and multicomponent monolayers at the solution-HOPG interface. An alkadiynyl chain's kinked shape constrains the molecular structures with which it can close-pack. This affords rudimentary molecular recognition that has been used to direct self-assembly of 1-D patterned, multicomponent monolayers.(More)
The self-assembly of multi-component monolayers with designed patterns requires molecular recognition among components. Dipolar interactions have been found to influence morphologies of self-assembled monolayers and can affect molecular recognition functions. Ketone groups have large dipole moments (2.6 D) and are easily incorporated into molecules. The(More)
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