Tereza Kopska

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We tested the effects of various types of fatty acids, differing in the degree of saturation and in the cis/trans configuration of the double bond, on the growth and viability of NES2Y cells (a human pancreatic beta-cell line). We found that during a 48-hour incubation period, saturated fatty acids, i.e. palmitic and stearic acids, at a physiologically(More)
Ubiquitination is a universal protein degradation pathway in which the molecules of 8.5-kDa proteolytic peptide ubiquitin are covalently attached to the epsilon-amino group of the substrate's lysine residues. Little is known about the importance of this highly conserved mechanism for protein recycling in mammalian gametogenesis and fertilization. The data(More)
Successful isolation of Langerhans islets is a crucial prerequisite for their experimental or possible clinical use such as transplantation. Centrifugation in a Ficoll gradient is a common step used for separation of Langerhans islets from exocrine tissue. However, islets have been reported to be negatively affected by employing Ficoll gradients. Therefore,(More)
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