Tereza Kasparová

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In this study we present and analyze a mostly passive infotainment approach to presenting information in a car. The passive style is similar to radio listening but content is generated on the fly and it is based on a mixture of personal information (calendar, emails) and public data (news, POI, jokes). The spoken part of the audio is machine synthesized. We(More)
We present results of a user study with a prototype of an interactive speech-enabled car owner's user manual assistant. Its purpose is to help the driver learn about various car features and related procedures. The study focused on two scenarios -- when parked and while driving. We also used the Leap Motion gesture recognizer as an alternative to buttons.(More)
In this paper we introduce a new UI paradigm that mimics radio broadcast along with a prototype called Radio One. The approach aims to present useful information from multiple domains to mobile users (e.g. drivers on the go or cell phone users). The information is served in an entertaining manner in a mostly passive style – without the user having to ask(More)