Terese Wilhelmsen

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Intraluminal diverticulum of the duodenum is a very rare congenital anomaly arising in the second part of the duodenum in close relation to the papilla of Vater. 39 cases have been reported in our available literature. The clinical symptoms and signs are nonspecific, and characteristically the preoperative diagnosis has in all cases been based on the(More)
A case of primary purulent meningococcal pericarditis, presenting with hemodynamic derangement due to tamponade, is reported. Treatment was successfully fulfilled with antibiotics and surgical drainage, using continuous percutaneous subxiphoidal catheter drainage with the Seldinger technique. Less than ten cases of this potentially lethal entity have been(More)
Four typical cases of popliteal aneurysms are reported and the recent literature is briefly reviewed. The aneurysm should be operated upon once the diagnosis is made, whether symptomatic or not. The treatment of choice is proximal and distal exclusion of the aneurysm and a vein bypass, using the medial approach.
A case of tracheal stenosis secondary to tracheostomy and respirator treatment is presented. The stenosis caused acute respiratory failure, which made immediate surgical intervention mandatory. It is stressed that usually the tracheal lumen is severely reduced when the stenosis causes alarming symptoms. Rational treatment, which must be instituted(More)
Psychomotor physiotherapy is a technique which aims, through relief of muscular tension and inhibited breathing, to give the patient a better understanding of the connection between mental and somatic reactions, establish improved coping patterns. In a three-year, prospective registration of 152 patients referred to psychomotor physiotherapy the(More)
Framed by the sociology of childhood and Foucauldian-inspired perspectives, this article is focused on parents' experiences of parent-professional encounters in diagnostic processes of young children enrolled in Norwegian early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions or schools. Based on qualitative interviews with parents, we explore how they(More)
This systematic review examines research published from 2009 to 2015 on inclusion of children with disabilities in physical education according to the PRISMA guidelines. We have used a stakeholder approach as a framework for organizing and discussing the results. The searches yielded 535 studies, of which 112 were included. The systematic review outlines(More)
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