Terese Stenfors-Hayes

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CONTEXT Phenomenography is a qualitative approach to research which has revolutionised the way that researchers and teachers think about the processes and outcomes of learning in higher education. Phenomenography has also been used successfully in medical and health care research for the last 20 years. Phenomenography provides a lens through which to view(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the effects of integrating health protection and health promotion with a continuous improvement system (Kaizen) on proximal employee outcomes (health promotion, integration, and Kaizen) and distal outcomes (workability, productivity, self-rated health and self-rated sickness absence). METHODS Twelve units in a county hospital in Sweden(More)
As part of the new study programme in Dentistry, an obligatory mentor programme was introduced during autumn 2005 for all student dentists at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. The aim of the programme is to provide support and guidance for the students in their professional role as dentists. All mentors in the programme are licenced dentists and lecturers at(More)
CONTEXT Clinical supervisors oversee trainees' performance while granting them increasing opportunities to work independently. Although the factors contributing to supervisors' trust in their trainees to conduct clinical work have been identified, how the development of trust is shaped by these factors remains less clear. OBJECTIVES This study was(More)
CONTEXT The need for a comprehensive framework of teaching activities in undergraduate medical education was identified by colleagues involved in teacher training at the University of Edinburgh, UK and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. Such a framework could be used to develop training programmes for medical teachers, to help experienced teachers to reflect(More)
BACKGROUND Mentoring is known to develop professional attributes and facilitate socialization into a profession. Only a few structured mentoring programmes for medical students have been reported in the literature. AIM The objective of this study was to investigate undergraduate medical students' experiences and perceptions of one-to-one mentoring and(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing evidence of the positive effects of mentoring in medical undergraduate programmes, but as far as we know, no studies on the effects for the mentors have yet been described in the field of medicine. AIM This study aims to evaluate an undergraduate mentor programme from the mentors' perspective, focusing particularly on the(More)
BACKGROUND The workplace has been suggested as an important arena for health promotion, but little is known about how the organizational setting influences the implementation of interventions. PURPOSE The aims of this study are to evaluate implementation fidelity in an organizational-level occupational health intervention and to investigate possible(More)
BACKGROUND Mentor programmes are becoming increasingly common in undergraduate education. However, the meaning attached to being a mentor varies significantly. AIM The aim of this study is to explore how teachers in medical and dental education understand their role as mentors. METHOD Twenty mentors in two different mentor programmes for undergraduate(More)