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We examined bird-habitat relationships within and across a range of aspen habitats in four major watersheds in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California and Nevada to identify habitat features of importance to aspen-breeding birds. Using point counts and vegetation assessments from 462 individual stations between 2001 and 2003 allowed us to(More)
A previously reported Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation system that transformed wheat cultivar Fielder at high efficiency was shown to also transform eight out of nine Triticum aestivum (hexaploid wheat) cultivars tested and two Triticum turgidum (durum wheat) cultivars. Transformation efficiencies of these wheat lines ranged from 1.5 to 51 %.(More)
A 16:1 analog multiplexer has been designed, manufactured, and characterized for radiation effects and lifetime operation. The device is SEL immune, hardened to 300 krad(Si) TID, and SEU immune up to 62.3 MeV-cm^2/mg. The TID, SEE and lifetime operation performance is reported.
A strong, stable and root-specific expression system was developed from a rice root-specific GLYCINE - RICH PROTEIN 7 promoter for use as an enabling technology for genetic manipulation of wheat root traits. Root systems play an important role in wheat productivity. Genetic manipulation of wheat root traits often requires a root-specific or root-predominant(More)
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