Terese Besker

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Fast software deliveries are hindered by high maintenance efforts due to internal quality issues and Technical Debt (TD) and specifically, Architectural Technical Debt (ATD) has received increased attention in the last few years. ATD has a significant influence and impact on system success and, left unchecked, it can cause expensive repercussions, it is,(More)
Technical Debt is a recent concept, borrowed from the financial domain. It has been recently used in software development to describe technical sub-optimal solutions that have short-term benefits but long-term extra-costs. However, no body of literature investigates how Automatic Production Systems companies deal with Technical Debt. We investigated how(More)
Large software companies need to support continuous and fast delivery of customer value both in the short and long term. However, this can be hindered if both evolution and maintenance of existing systems are hampered by Technical Debt. Although a lot of theoretical work on Technical Debt has been recently produced, its practical management lacks empirical(More)
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