Teresa Y Morishita

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Intestinal tracts of broilers and turkeys from 10 conventional broiler farms and 10 conventional turkey farms, where antimicrobials were routinely used, and from 5 organic broiler farms and 5 organic turkey farms, where antimicrobials had never been used, were collected and cultured for Campylobacter species. A total of 694 Campylobacter isolates from the(More)
P redation is not common in commercial poultry production. However, predation is a big concern for backyard fl ocks and organic poultry producers. The reason for this difference is in the way fl ocks are housed and managed. Commercial poultry producers maintain fl ocks within buildings for their entire production cycle. These buildings are usually(More)
In each of two experiments with young, feed-restricted broiler breeder pullets, the effects of differences in dietary protein intake on intestinal development and growth were studied. All pullets were restrict-fed either a 15 or 19% CP diet to see whether differences in dietary protein would influence intestinal growth in the face of controlled exposure to(More)
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