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Prior work has identified a common left parietofrontal network for storage of tool-related information for various tasks. How these representations become established within this network on the basis of different modes of exposure is unclear. Here, healthy subjects engaged in physical practice (direct exposure) with familiar and unfamiliar tools. A separate(More)
Introduction. Cervicogenic headache is characterized by unilateral neck or face pain referred from various structures such as the cervical joints and intervertebral disks. A recent study of patients with cervical pain showed significant pain relief after cervical medial branch neurotomy but excluded patients with C1-2 joint pain. It remains unclear whether(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the quality of information provided to consumers by websites marketing medical home diagnostic tests. DESIGN A cross-sectional analysis of a database developed from searching targeted websites. SETTING Data sources were websites written in English which marketed medical home diagnostic tests. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES A meta-search(More)
BACKGROUND Low back pain is the leading cause of years lost to disability with approximately 15%-25% of the chronic back pain population suffering from lumbar facet arthropathy. No large-scale study has sought to systematically identify inciting events for lumbar facet arthropathy. The aim of this study is to quantify the proportion of individuals with(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine consultants' compliance with motor traffic regulations on recall to hospital to attend emergencies, and ownership and use of green warning lights (GWLs). To determine the views of senior police officers on consultants complying with traffic regulations on emergency recall with and without GWLs. METHOD Questionnaire survey of all(More)
Objective The goal of this study was to elucidate the attitudes, beliefs, and barriers interfering with cancer pain management, the degree of barrier interference with trainees’ care of patients, and the relationships among prohibitive factors to pain management for physicians in a low–middle-income countries (LMICs) vs high-income countries (HICs). (More)
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