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In this paper we have demonstrated that wheat sprout extract, which has been shown to be antimutagenic towards benzo[a]pyrene (BP), reduced formation of BP metabolites by hepatic microsomes of either benzo[a]pyrene- or phenobarbital-treated rats as analyzed in high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Comparing the time dependence of profiles and values(More)
The mutagenic activity of furfural was tested in Salmonella typhimurium strains TA98 and TA100. Furfural produced mutations in the TA100 strain, but not in the TA98 strain. A rat-liver microsomal fraction did not increase the mutagenic activity of furfural in either strain. Mutagenic activity of furfural in the TA100 strain was not increased by(More)
Quercetin, rhamnetin, isohamnetin, apigenin and luteolin were isolated from medicinal herbs: Erigeron canadensis L., Anthyllis vulneraria L. and Pyrola chloranta L. The mutagenicity of these naturally occurring flavonoids was tested by the Ames method with S. typhimurium strains TA1535, TA1538, TA97, TA98, TA100 and TA102 in the presence and absence of(More)
The genotoxic properties of nitrofurazone and furazolidone were studied using the Ames test and SOS-chromotest. Both compounds were found to act as strong mutagens on the TA97 and TA102 strains of S. typhimurium and to induce the SOS-repair system in the PQ37 strain of E. coli. A good concordance was found between the mutagenic activity and the ability to(More)
Phenol sulfotransferases (PST) from bovine lung and small intestine were purified about 1000-fold. PST from bovine small intestine, similarly as the bovine lung enzyme, catalyzes sulfation of only exogenous phenols. A single thermostable form of PST, active with high concentrations of phenol (Km = 1.43 mM) was found in the small intestine. The effect of(More)
Phenol sulfotransferase (PST) from human and bovine lung was purified about 1000-fold and the activity was measured with different acceptor substrates. Human lung PST catalyzes sulfation of both exo- and endogenous phenols, but the bovine lung enzyme only exogenous phenols. This difference in substrate specificity seems to be related to the presence of at(More)
Genotoxic effects of both amitraz and its metabolites made by S9 fraction were reevaluated in short-term bacterial assays. Neither amitraz nor its metabolites induced frameshift mutation or caused base-pair substitution as detected by the Ames test. They also did not introduce any damages into DNA recognized by correndonuclease II as shown by the repair(More)
The activity of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) from adipose tissue, the postheparin lipolytic activity (PHLA) in plasma, and the content of plasma lipoproteins were investigated in rats poisoned with dichlorvos (DDVP). Administration of a single dose (50% LD50) resulted in inhibition of LPL and PHLA; the greatest inhibition was observed at 24 and 48 h after(More)