Teresa Soares David

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In the Mediterranean evergreen oak woodlands of southern Portugal, the main tree species are Quercus ilex ssp. rotundifolia Lam. (holm oak) and Quercus suber L. (cork oak). We studied a savannah-type woodland where these species coexist, with the aim of better understanding the mechanisms of tree adaptation to seasonal drought. In both species, seasonal(More)
The rates of transpiration from a mature Eucalyptus globulus Labill. stand in Portugal were evaluated during a drying period of the spring-summer 1994. Transpiration was measured by the Granier sap flow method and estimated by the Penman-Monteith model. During the experimental period daily transpiration varied between 3.64 and 0.50 mm day−1. For(More)
Temporal dynamics in carbon isotope ratios of ecosystem respiration (delta13C(R)) were evaluated on hourly, daily and annual timescales in a Mediterranean woodland. Emphasis was given to the periods of transition from wet to dry season and vice versa, when the system turns from a net carbon sink to a source. The constancy of nocturnal delta13C(R) was(More)
To evaluate differences in growth and adaptability of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.), we studied growth, polycyclism, needle tissue carbon isotope composition (delta(13)C) as an estimate of water-use efficiency (WUE) and survival of seven populations at 10 years of age growing in a performance trial at a provenance test site in Escaroupim, Portugal.(More)
The aim of this study was to identify the sources and depth of water uptake by 15-years old Quercus  suber L. trees in southern Portugal under a Mediterranean climate, measuring δ18O and δD in the soil–plant-atmosphere continuum. Evidence for hydraulic lift was substantiated by the daily fluctuations observed in Ψs at 0.4 and 1 m depth and supported by(More)
Responses of leaf water relations and photosynthesis to summer drought and autumn rewetting were studied in two evergreen Mediterranean oak species, Quercus ilex spp. rotundifolia and Quercus suber. The predawn leaf water potential (Ψ(lPD)), stomatal conductance (gs) and photosynthetic rate (A) at ambient conditions were measured seasonally over a 3-year(More)
Studies were conducted to examine changes in soil (Ψs) and plant water status during summer in a 16-year old Quercus suber plantation in southern Portugal. Continuous measurements were conducted between May 2003 and August 2004, while discontinuous measurements were conducted on a monthly basis between May and September 2003 and repeated between March and(More)
Combining C flux measurements with information on their isotopic composition can yield a process-based understanding of ecosystem C dynamics. We studied the variations in both respiratory fluxes and their stable C isotopic compositions (δ13C) for all major components (trees, understory, roots and soil microorganisms) in a Mediterranean oak savannah during a(More)
Extreme drought events and plant invasions are major drivers of global change that can critically affect ecosystem functioning and alter ecosystem-atmosphere exchange. Invaders are expanding worldwide and extreme drought events are projected to increase in frequency and intensity. However, very little is known on how these drivers may interact to affect the(More)
• To study adaptive variation and genotype × environment interactions (GE) of 30 populations from Portugal, Spain, France and Australia, we evaluated total height, diameter, stem form and survival in a multi-environment provenance trial in Portugal, 10 y after plantation, using the restricted maximum likelihood (REML) approach. • Significant differentiation(More)