Teresa Simonetti

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BACKGROUND There is strong evidence that sensory experience in early life has a profound influence on the development of sensory circuits. Very little is known, however, about the role of experience in the early development of striatal networks which regulate both motor and cognitive function. To address this, we have investigated the influence of early(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate efficacy of mupirocin ointment nasal application in prevention of MRSA ventilatory associated pneumonia (VAP). METHODS DESIGN prospective, double-blind, randomized, clinical trial. PATIENTS 48 consecutive intubated patients admitted in the Intensive Care Unit during a three month period. SETTING University of Florence;(More)
Whole blood, hair and fingernails of 80 representative subjects from the Province of Rome were analysed for total mercury. The mean value for whole blood was 0.020 mg/kg, for hair 0.51 mg/kg and for nails 1.08 mg/kg. Correlations were found (except for hair) between mercury levels and the number of fish meals, mercury amalgam dental fillings and residence(More)
The sensitivity of 200 bacterial strains, recently isolated from pathological products, has been determined in relation to 16 antibiotics both with the ABAC system and the agar diffusion method (Barry). Furthermore, the interference of the variation of inoculum in the ABAC system (controlled by numbering in Petri dishes) has been evaluated. This study(More)
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