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UNLABELLED The workings of the auditory pathway of patients with tinnitus and normal hearing can be associated with an auditory efferent pathway dysfunction at the level of the superior olivary complex. Otoacoustic emission suppression with contralateral noise can represent an alternative to its evaluation. AIM to investigate Transient Otoacoustic(More)
Since the dawn of agriculture, cereal landraces have been the staples for food production worldwide, but their use dramatically declined in the 2nd half of the last century, replaced by modern cultivars. In most parts of the world, landraces are one of the most threatened components of agrobiodiversity, facing the risk of genetic erosion and extinction.(More)
Workforce planning methodologies for the allied health professions are acknowledged as rudimentary despite the increasing importance of these professions to health care across the spectrum of health services settings. The objectives of this study were to (i) identify workload capacity measures and methods for profiling allied health workforce requirements(More)
Envisat could represent a new tool for annual monitoring of Portuguese forest changes. In this context, the SatStat project main objective is the development of image processing methodologies for Envisat-MERIS data in order to quantify the annual change of forest areas. This evaluation will be used to assess the impact of forest area increase and decrease(More)
Forest fires and burnt area in Portugal have been increasing in the last decades, contrarily to other southern European countries, although more resources are being allocated to prevention, detection and fire fighting. To minimize the probability of wildfires occurrence, it is crucial to assure the effectiveness of the prevention, vigilance and first attack(More)
UNLABELLED Acoustic radiation is the sound energy escape from a bone vibrator that may be detected by air conduction mechanisms. The presence of acoustic radiation may result in an unreal bone conduction threshold, promoting an unreal air/bone gap in the high frequencies. AIM aim to analyze the acoustic radiation effect on the extension of air/bone gap at(More)
UNLABELLED Hearing loss is a multifaceted condition with many etiologies, among which genetic mutation is. Therefore, it is important to connect audiological investigation to etiological diagnosis. AIM this study aims to establish the audiological and genetic profiles of three non-syndromic children with sensorineural hearing loss. MATERIALS AND METHOD(More)
Information about green spaces available in a city is essential for urban planning. Urban green areas are generally assessed through environmental indicators that reflect the city's quality of life and urban comfort. A methodology based on 3D measure and analysis of green urban areas at the city scale is presented. Two products are proposed: (1) measuring(More)