Teresa Sánchez

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UNLABELLED The aim of this study is to determine the influence of Angle molar class, presence of a posterior crossbite, anterior guidance, as well as gender in the muscular activity of the masticatory system in a population of healthy dental students. STUDY DESIGN Surface electromyography recordings are made for the masseter, anterior and posterior(More)
Food losses can occur during production, postharvest, and processing stages in the supply chain. With the onset of worldwide food shortages, interest in reducing postharvest losses in cassava has been increasing. In this research, the main goal was to evaluate biochemical changes and identify the metabolites involved in the deterioration of cassava roots.(More)
The emotional intelligence of a sample of 59 women caregivers (M age = 51.1 yr.) with depressive symptoms was compared with that of a sample of adult women from the general population (M age = 50.7 yr.). No group differences were observed on the Trait Meta-Mood Scale's three dimensions of emotional intelligence across age, socioeconomic status, or education(More)
Two-dimensional (2-D) arrays of squared matrix have maximum periodicity in their main directions; consequently, they require half wavelength (lambda/2), interelement spacing to avoid grating lobes. This condition gives rise to well-known problems derived from the huge number of array elements and from their small size. In contrast, 2-D arrays with(More)
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