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AIM The aim of the present study was to determine the impact of food advertising in primary and secondary schools on the food purchasing habits of children. METHODS All forty-four primary and secondary schools in Rzeszow, Poland were included in the investigation; 15000 children attend primary and secondary schools in the region. Schools were visited by(More)
BACKGROUND Degenerative joint disease most often affects middle-aged and elderly people. Patients over 65 years of age are frequently afflicted. The pain and limitation of mobility in joints are the cause of disability and reduced quality of life and lead to a decision to carry out total replacement surgery of the affected joint. Conservative treatment is(More)
BACKGROUND Active and passive physical exercises in patients under palliative (long term) care in palliative wards and home hospices are a necessary means of prevention or reduction of pulmonary complications, disorders of respiratory function, vascular complications, disorders of lymphatic and venous function, and musculoskeletal dysfunction. The goal of(More)
BACKGROUND The study sought to evaluate the impact of long-term TENS therapy on pain relief in patients with degenerative disc disease in the lumbosacral spine. MATERIAL AND METHOD The study involved 39 patients with lumbosacral pain who were receiving treatment in the Regional Hospital No 2 in Rzeszów and in Winsen Hospital. The experimental group(More)
  • Teresa Pop
  • Ortopedia, traumatologia, rehabilitacja
  • 2013
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence of shoulder subluxation in stroke patients and the impact of rehabilitation and presence/absence of fluid in the subhumeral and subdeltoid bursae on the occurrence of instability. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study group was composed of 182 patients after stroke, with 108 men and 74 women. 156 of(More)
The paper reports on three cases of phlebectasia of the internal jugular vein, two in adults and one in a child, admitted and operated in the Cluj-Napoca Clinic of O.R.L. The surgical technique had to be adapted to each case separately, according to the extension of phlebectasia, the patient's age, and other related diseases.
A number of 107 children with clinical diagnosis of Down's syndrome have been studied. In 80% of the cases the parents have been cytogenetically investigated, too. Of these, 82.2% (88 cases) had free trisomy, 9.4% (10) had 46/47 + 21,4.7% (5 cases) had 14/21 translocation, 1 case (0.3%) had 21/21 translocation, one case translocation in inverse tandem, one(More)