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Today's business world faces challenges and pressures on an unprecedented scale. Many of these obstacles have the potential to severely affect the continuity of a manufacturing enterprise, in particular, through disruption to the wider supply chain. Indeed, it can be argued that supply chain risk is currently greater now than ever before. Resilience is one(More)
It is well known that an efficient time manufacturing prevision is a key-factor in today's global market. In particular, the growing interest in job-shop model arises from the need of an efficient management of Mixed Model Assembly Cell and Flexible Manufacturing System. Due to the complexity of prevision problems, a neuro-fuzzy Expert System has been(More)
The Customer Support in an aeronautical supply chain is the key element, present throughout the cycle life of the aircraft for customer loyalty and ensure a business long term. Every order is different since each customer requires that their aircrafts respect particular specifications, then it is necessary to carry out an estimation cost of spare parts(More)
The aim of the paper is to investigate the integration of different analytical and simulations tools to support people to make decisions, and to show how the relationships among the different methods can be advantageous to solve specific problems. ORM (object - role modeling), PN (Petri Nets) and SD (System Dynamics) have been combined to capture the static(More)