Teresa Murino

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Today's business world faces challenges and pressures on an unprecedented scale. Many of these obstacles have the potential to severely affect the continuity of a manufacturing enterprise, in particular, through disruption to the wider supply chain. Indeed, it can be argued that supply chain risk is currently greater now than ever before. Resilience is one(More)
In production, stops due to maintenance create imbalances within the system. Let's assume that you have a series of n machines and that the i stops. In this case the i+1 would be able to continue to work only as long as stocks were available on the machine, while the i-1 could continue to work only if there was the possibility that its production would be(More)
The Customer Support in an aeronautical supply chain is the key element, present throughout the cycle life of the aircraft for customer loyalty and ensure a business long term. Every order is different since each customer requires that their aircrafts respect particular specifications, then it is necessary to carry out an estimation cost of spare parts(More)
The aim of this paper is to develop an innovative Lean Maintenance model in order to optimize the process flow and reduce or eliminate scraps and work-in-progress (WIP) in a manufacturing context. To achieve these objectives has been formulated a new method, called Lean Root Cause & Defect Analysis (LRCDA), which merges the process steps of the existing(More)
Safety in the food industry is gaining more and more importance every passing day. In recent years, several outbreaks of Salmonella have occurred in chocolate products. Traceability and HACCP system are important instruments for the food safety management. Traceability is useful to properly and efficiently handle a recall, but by itself it has no effects on(More)